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Your art is so - so - so... It's so real, Shannon! _Steven Tyler
Shannon, wow! This is very impressive work. _Joe Perry (Aerosmith)


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About Shannon

In past years, Shannon’s art has become as familiar as the internationally recognized celebrities she showcases in her exquisite paintings. Shannon has an extraordinary ability to capture the distinct energy and spirit of each of her subjects and to reflect these unmistakable qualities through her wonderfully vivid creations. Combined with a tremendous flair for originality and daring expression, Shannon possess an uncanny ability to express the grace, dignity, strength, and intensity which have elevated her subjects to positions of irrefutable recognition and prestige.

CLIENTEL: The Beatles' Hard Day's Night Hotel ♠ Rick Nielsen/Cheap Trick ♣ Sylvester Stallone ♥ King Features ♦ Steven Tyler/Aerosmith ♠ The Spielbergs ♣ The Cavern Club ♥ Graceland ♦ James Dean Foundation ♠ American Airlines ♣ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ♥ Rick Derringer

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